Summer plans

To dos and ideas

Release "Define"

Design intensive • Android • Dictionary APIs

Define is an offline android dictionary app that's been in beta for a while. The idea is to emulate a system wide dictionary for android. The major features are: use of chatheads to show the meanings of the word in any app, have multiple offline dictionaries that the user can choose from. Use a few APIs like wiki and urban dictionary that either can't be offline or too huge for offline use.

Open source "Swarachakra"

Git essentials • Android advanced

Swarachakra is a keyboard for Indic languages. The app has been out for a while and is doing pretty decently. But it lacks important functions like prediction and user dictionaries. Other than that the repo was in pretty bad shape previously. Moving it to Android studio helped a lot. Now the repo can be made open source without us feeling ashamed.

Instilive and Instimap

Design intensive • Android • JS • PHP

Instimap and Instilive as they stand are two separate looking apps. But we intend to merge them to create one seamless experience. The major focus is on pushing customized notifications to students. Few people with PORs (like hostel secretaries, Insti secys) will be given posting rights and they will be able to push a notification to all the users who are interested in that particular field. This requires work on LDAP and facebook integration. Most of the work on the back-end is done. We also intend to make a chrome extension for the same. This would probably be the primary focus of this summer.

Work with other startups

Professional coding • Android

We do a lot of free lancing. And we will continue this through summers. There are multiple budding startups that are our clients. So exposure to the "Powai valley" thingy going on will be abundant.

Come join us

There's a lot of scope to learn and a lot of work to choose from. There are no prerequisites other than an interest to learn and contribute. If making products excites you or if you just want to give a passing shot to app development write to us with your details. Here's our contact.