Android bootcamp

Summer 2015

This is a summer bootcamp being organised by us, in collaboration with Academic council of IIT Bombay, as a part of Institute Non Technical Summer School 2015-16. Here are the tentative contents of the course.


1 Installation, troubleshooting and Hello world App
2 All about XMLs: layouts and values
3 Basics of Java & Java in Android
4 Activities, Fragments, Intents
5 Saving data, basics of Services, Receivers
6 Network calls and Databases
7 Twitter App : 1
8 Twitter App : 2

Before you join

1. Fill the form

The registrations come to us through the Academic council. Please register with them first. We would like you to fill this small survey before you join. All communication will be handled through a google group. Links to resources, timings would be posted there. So fill in the form with your email.

2. Install Android Studio

The instructions to installation for various platform are here. Please go through them and prepare your laptops for the session.

Time and venue

The session is at LCC 001 between 6 PM and 8 PM. The first session is on 16th May, 2015. The dates of the subsequent sessions will be announced in the google group.


Ping Chandra Mouli for doubts, clarifications, fundae and complaints.